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Have questions? Same do the other people! Check this page out to see the most frequently asked questions. 

  • How is the labot time calculated?
    The labor time refers to the time our movers working on the moving process, excluding the time spent on transportation. So if movers got stuck in the traffic when moving to your new home, don't worry, the waiting time will NOT be considered as part of the labor time. However, you will be charged for a congestion fee if the traffic is too bad. As a result, we strongly recomment you to avoid busy hours when choosing the moving time. Also, our movers will arrive on time at your house but if for any reason they are late, you won't be charged for the time passed. The labor time starts when movers arrive at your place and starts moving.
  • How to make a reservation?
    You could reserve online on our website. Or you could contact us by email or Wechat. If you have any specfic questions or special requests you would like us to accommodate, please contact us before making a reservation online. Thank you.
  • COI? Other insurance-related questions?
    Contact us if you live in an aprtment and you need us to fill in any forms for the building managment.
  • what about the refarral reward?
    Yes, we have refarral rewards for both you and your freind! If you invite a friend to use our service and make a order, both of you will get 5% off of your moving total. For example, your total moving charge is $300, you will get $15 off. You can refer to more than one friend to get more discount!
  • Is the price estimate accurate? Will there be hidden fees?
    Our pricing is completely transparent and there is no hidden fee! The price is based on the car type you choose, the distance between your old&new addresses, and the labor time. The price estimate on our website gives you a reliable expectation for your moving cost but additional tolls and congestion fees may apply depending on the actual situation. Refer to Local Moving section for a detailed price breakdown.
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